Connection Manager Transaction Timeout

The following code example provides a step-by-step approach to presetting a transaction timeout.

Source file and dependencies

Load the YAHOO namespace and connection manager source file:

The Callback Object

The callback object includes a new property: timeout. To enable a transaction to automatically timeout, the timeout property must be defined wih a value in millseconds. This example defines timeout with a value of 5000(milliseconds). If the transaction is not complete by 5000ms, it will be aborted.

Initiate the Transaction

Call YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest to send the request to sync.php. The PHP file will return a string message after a random delay of 0 to 10 seconds, if the transaction was not aborted. If the transaction was successfully aborted, the response object's status property will report -1 and the statusText property will report "transaction aborted".