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Class YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR - extends YAHOO.widget.DataSource

Implementation of YAHOO.widget.DataSource using XML HTTP requests that return query results.


YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR ( sScriptURI , aSchema , oConfigs )
sScriptURI <String> Absolute or relative URI to script that returns query results as JSON, XML, or delimited flat-file data.
aSchema <String[]> Data schema definition of results.
oConfigs <Object> (optional) Object literal of config params.


_oConn - private Object

XHR connection object.

connMgr - Object

Alias to YUI Connection Manager. Allows implementers to specify their own subclasses of the YUI Connection Manager utility.
Default Value: YAHOO.util.Connect

connTimeout - Number

Number of milliseconds the XHR connection will wait for a server response. A a value of zero indicates the XHR connection will wait forever. Any value greater than zero will use the Connection utility's Auto-Abort feature.
Default Value: 0

ERROR_DATAXHR - static final String

Error message for XHR failure.

responseStripAfter - String

String after which to strip results. If the results from the XHR are sent back as HTML, the gzip HTML comment appears at the end of the data and should be ignored.
Default Value: "\n<!-"

responseType - String

XHR response data type. Other types that may be defined are YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR.TYPE_XML and YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR.TYPE_FLAT.
Default Value: YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR.TYPE_JSON

scriptQueryAppend - String

String of key/value pairs to append to requests made to scriptURI. Define this string when you want to send additional query parameters to your script. When defined, queries will be sent to <scriptURI>?<scriptQueryParam>=userinput&<scriptQueryAppend>
Default Value: ""

scriptQueryParam - String

Query string parameter name sent to scriptURI. For instance, queries will be sent to <scriptURI>?<scriptQueryParam>=userinput
Default Value: "query"

scriptURI - String

Absolute or relative URI to script that returns query results. For instance, queries will be sent to <scriptURI>?<scriptQueryParam>=userinput

TYPE_FLAT - static final Number

Flat-file data type.

TYPE_JSON - static final Number

JSON data type.

TYPE_XML - static final Number

XML data type.



void doQuery ( oCallbackFn , sQuery , oParent )
Queries the live data source defined by scriptURI for results. Results are passed back to a callback function.
oCallbackFn <HTMLFunction> Callback function defined by oParent object to which to return results.
sQuery <String> Query string.
oParent <Object> The object instance that has requested data.
Returns: void


void parseResponse ( sQuery , oResponse , oParent )
Parses raw response data into an array of result objects. The result data key is always stashed in the [0] element of each result object.
sQuery <String> Query string.
oResponse <Object> The raw response data to parse.
oParent <Object> The object instance that has requested data.
Returns: void

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