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Class YAHOO.widget.HTMLNode - extends YAHOO.widget.Node

This implementation takes either a string or object for the oData argument. If is it a string, we will use it for the display of this node (and it can contain any html code). If the parameter is an object, we look for a parameter called "html" that will be used for this node's display.


YAHOO.widget.HTMLNode ( oData , oParent , expanded , hasIcon )
oData <object> a string or object containing the data that will be used to render this node
oParent <YAHOO.widget.Node> this node's parent node
expanded <boolean> the initial expanded/collapsed state
hasIcon <boolean> specifies whether or not leaf nodes should have an icon


content - string

The HTML content to use for this node's display

contentElId - string

The generated id that will contain the data passed in by the implementer.

contentStyle - string

The CSS class for the html content container. Defaults to ygtvhtml, but can be overridden to provide a custom presentation for a specific node.

initContent - object

Sets up the node label



HTMLElement getContentEl ( )
Returns the outer html element for this node's content
Returns: HTMLElement
the element

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