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Class YAHOO.widget.TextNode - extends YAHOO.widget.Node

Known Subclasses:
The default node presentation. The first parameter should be either a string that will be used as the node's label, or an object that has a string propery called label. By default, the clicking the label will toggle the expanded/collapsed state of the node. By changing the href property of the instance, this behavior can be changed so that the label will go to the specified href.


YAHOO.widget.TextNode ( oData , oParent , expanded )
oData <object> a string or object containing the data that will be used to render this node
oParent <YAHOO.widget.Node> this node's parent node
expanded <boolean> the initial expanded/collapsed state


label - string

The text for the label. It is assumed that the oData parameter will either be a string that will be used as the label, or an object that has a property called "label" that we will use.

labelElId - string

The derived element id of the label for this node

labelStyle - string

The CSS class for the label href. Defaults to ygtvlabel, but can be overridden to provide a custom presentation for a specific node.



object getLabelEl ( )
Returns the label element
Returns: object
the element


void onLabelClick ( me )
Executed when the label is clicked. Fires the labelClick custom event.
me <Node> this node
Returns: void
false to cancel the anchor click

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